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The first collaborative digital scrapbooking kit for One Step Away Intl. may be purchased at  Click thumbnails to view contents.

“Hope for Lily” Previews

Digital layouts made with “Hope for Lily”

A great group of designers made a collab to help a lovely woman in Romania, who is facing homelessness and several other problems. We call her Lily, and the designers made this collab to support her and help her financially. The money from sale of the kit will go to One Step Away International, a US-based nonprofit organization. OSAi provides financial assistance to older single women in crises situations like homelessness.

In the winter of  2012, Lily was being taken to court for back payment of utilities and was told that at the end of May she would have to move. She had been trying to find steady work that will support her for 4 years and was living on what she got here and there. She was in despair and without hope.

In May 2012, with the help of OSAi, Lily’s utilities are paid. The suit has been dropped. She has found an apartment for which OSAi gave her the deposit. She is also getting necessary dental work, additional job training to enable her to get a job which will support her, and monthly assistance until she has that job. The best part is that Lily now has hope for the future. For Lily and all those other women in need!

Update Winter 2013. After a rash of seemingly unproductive interviews Nov/Dec ’12, she was hired for a fulltime position in January. She’s already become invaluable to her employer and has received a raise! Thank you God. Due to the work schedule for that position, she had the flexibility to take another position that was offered to her as well. Her current goals are to pay debts owed to friends etc., begin health insurance coverage and a retirement plan. Longer term goals are to contribute monthly to OSAi so that someone else who was in a position like hers of last year can also have the blessing of renewed hope.

Thanks a ton!

Designers who provided their time and creativity to this kit: Berna of Studio Berna/Dutch Designs, Hollie of Holliewood Studios, Sharon of Art for Scrapbooking, Maaike of Find your Bliss designs, Kim of Kimeric Designs, Kitty of Kitty Designs, Susan of Raspberry Road Designs, Julie of Sherwood Studio, Susan of Evoke x slgr, and Jeanine of Page.One