If you would like to donate art, crafts or some other product, we would be thrilled! Have your own store? Please consider donating a product or proceeds of a product to OSAi. To discuss this, please contact us. Thanks!

Would you like to contribute financially? Paypal is one way. If you want to make regular contributions, bank to bank, please contact us.


Please understand that at present monies and values for donated products are not tax deductible. Businesses can still count these as good will gestures/publicity and deduct the values as such—we’ll proudly share your link and/or blinkie!

One Step Away International is a registered nonprofit 501(c). We are not currently organized as a 501(c)3 which provides for tax deductible contributions, although this may change in the future. We certainly appreciate any support you might consider and hope this is not a major hindrance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Just a note: We have contacted the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability to become members. Their regulations require that a nonprofit exist for one year before they can join. Applying to ECFA is on our calendar for next year.