Thy Kingdom Come

Like the other subjects found in the this prayer, the idea of God’s kingdom is huge. We could talk about it for a year and not exhaust the subject. Today we’ll briefly touch on one of the many aspects of the kingdom, and then consider another next week — Lord willing!

The “Lord’s Prayer” in Matthew is found in the middle of what we call The Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7). Here and throughout Matthew the ‘kingdom’ is almost always called the ‘kingdom of heaven.’ In the Sermon on the Mount alone it is so named 5 times before the “Thy kingdom come” (Matthew 6:10) in the prayer, and once after.

We also see in looking at Matthew’s gospel that the phrase, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” is found three times. Could it be that those 3 little words, ‘is at hand,’ gave the disciples hope that they would see Israel established and the Romans evicted? I don’t know.

Here’s what Vicky has to say about her layout shown above:

My very first thoughts when you mentioned you were doing one week on His kingdom here on earth and one week on His coming kingdom was that of His disciples thinking Jesus was going to set up His kingdom on earth so they would be free from the oppressive Roman rule. And even though He had told them that His kingdom was not of this world, they still didn’t get it. Just like they didn’t get it that He would arise after 3 days in the grave. I think they wanted it so badly that they couldn’t see it. But, He told them anyway so that WHEN the events occured, it would come back to their remembrance! So I wanted to show that the “crown” that He was meant to wear on earth was a crown of thorns, not a kingly crown of gold. (The word strips are the thoughts of Christ. He knew He was the ONLY one that could take our place! AND after the Jews had him killed, they weren’t going to be able to hold Him down! He gained His heavenly kingdom back!)


That leaves me with application, the ‘so what?’ For me I guess it’s this:

I know that the histories in the Bible including the ones shared in the gospels are there to instruct us (Romans 15:4). What can I learn from the disciples’ response to Jesus’ words about the kingdom? Maybe it’s that I could have blinders on that are just as big as the disciples’ were. Maybe I too am missing what is obvious to those who are on the outside of my life looking in.

Lord, help me to really hear you and to respond with childlike faith. Let my wishes or desires, even for things you’ve promised, not distract me from seeing what you’re doing and what I’m supposed to be about today.


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Imperfect Prose

Found this group of writers and wanted to respond. The things is I’m not a writer. Still the post inspired, so here we are.

Yesterday I learned a neighbor from my youth died. Her daughter was my sister’s best bud growing up. Theirs was the where the neighborhood gathered each Christmas for a caroling party.

Here’s my ‘card’ to the family.

While ‘Joy’ isn’t mentioned in the following layout, I thought it captured the idea beautifully. Thanks Elysah for permission to share your work.

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Our Father

Some more thoughts from today on what we call “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6).

Our Father

Father … He is! Dad, daddy, papa. He loves his children, which we are if we have confessed Jesus as Lord and believe that God raised him from the dead.

Forever family… He’s not going anywhere. He is my dad. As my earthly dad grows older and resembles less the man I remember, I’ve considered my life without him. I don’t want that!! Not ever. And yet, I know that will probably happen.

But when he goes, I won’t be without a papa, someone who cherishes me, sees me, and loves me unconditionally. God is my Father.

This may seem remote, and it does for me! But this is such a good thing. He is never constrained by geography. He is everywhere all the time and always knows what’s going on. What a comfort to know that He “never slumbers, nor sleeps.”

When I was a small kid there was a lock-in at a church where my folks were serving the youth ministry. It was all dark and creepy. In the back of the cavernous auditorium I was in search of safety. I was scared, really scared. Hunched down in the back I wished I were anywhere else. All of a sudden, seemingly out of the blue, my dad whisked me up into his arms and took me upstairs to the brightly lit room, a safe haven.

God is like that. From his vantage point, I’m never out of reach for His timely rescues or whatever else I may need.

Thank you God that you’re always here. Like the psalmist said, there is nowhere I can hide from your Spirit. I’m grateful for that — sometimes I’m so stupid that I think it’s in my best interest to get as far from you as I can. Thank you, really thank you, that this is just not possible. Bless you —

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