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Monday Meditation: Overwhelmed



Amanda of Outside the Box Design Studio and I were chatting this morning. About life, design, and finally about this blog. I didn’t have a topic for today. She thought everyone could relate to a post on being overwhelmed. At the very least it is relevant for us!

Following is the text which came to mind as we considered this topic. I apologize for the formatting. WordPress and I fought about it — WP won.

Save me, O God,

for the floodwaters are up to my neck.

Deeper and deeper I sink into the mire;

I can’t find a foothold.

I am in deep water,

and the floods overwhelm me.

I am exhausted from crying for help;

my throat is parched.

My eyes are swollen with weeping,

waiting for my God to help me.

O God, you know how foolish I am;

my sins cannot be hidden from you.

Don’t let those who trust in you be ashamed because of me,

O Soveriegn Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

Don’t let me cause them to be humiliated,

O God of Israel.

I keep praying to you Lord,

hoping this time you will show me favor.

In your unfailing love, O God,

answer my prayer with your sure salvation.

Rescue me from the mud;

don’t let me sink any deeper!

Save me from those who hate me,

and pull me from these deep waters.

Don’t let the floods overwhelm me,

or the deep waters swallow me,

or the pit of death devour me.

Answer my prayers, O Lord,

for your unfailing love is wonderful.

Take care of me,

for your mercy is so plentiful.

Don’t hide from your servant;

answer me quickly, for I am in deep trouble!

I was struck by the request, “Don’t let those who trust in you be ashamed because of me” (v. 6). I am certain that some of my trouble, some of what causes me to be overwhelmed, is fear of mis-steps. I’m also sure this is part warfare, but it’s also part a lack of trust or faith on my part.

He has redeemed so many of my mistakes before that I know He can and will do it next time. So I just need to do what I need to do, and let go of the rest. At the same time, I am grateful that with age has also come a bit of wisdom. I used to be so arrogant that it never occurred to me that my actions could bring dishonor — and it often did. So I’ll happily take the feeling and use it as a check, a warning to myself to examine what I’m about to do. And, with His help, I’ll go forward and just do it.

That God has condescended to use frail and flawed vessels really wrecks me. God, I’m overwhelmed by your love, mercy and faithfulness. Thank you.



Amanda also wanted you to leave you with this video for your encouragement. I can’t embed the video today with all my technical troubles, but happily I can give you the link to Overwhelmed by Hillsong.

So thank you Amanda for coming alongside today. You were His answer today for my state of being overwhelmed.

Bible text excerpted from Psalm 69, New Living Translation. WA created using Visual Thesaurus and       Wordle, altered in PS. The wonderful LO is by Amanda using her soon-to-be-released kit The Secret Place.

Monday Meditation: Gratitude


November… the month when we see a lot about gratitude or thankfulness. I’m glad I have folks around me to remind me to have a grateful heart.

Every Sunday a blog I subscribe to has a post, “Sunday Gratitude.” In a year, not one has been religious. They’re just reminders to us that we can choose to be grateful. It’s good for the soul.

If you’re a follower of Jesus, you have another reason too. Paul’s instructions in 1 Thessalonians are one of numerous examples.

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

And so I’m grateful for our board members who encourage me to be grateful. Mark Cook regularly shares prayers on his FB page. This one really touched me.

We give You thanks, O God our Father, for the good work which You have begun in us, in that You have called us to the knowledge of Your healing grace and faith in You; and we pray that Your Holy Spirit would continue Your work in us that our lives me  may be strengthened for Your service in the fellowship of the gospel, and our love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and all discernment, to Your praise and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. – Titiusoneine, adapted.

And then there’s another board member, Brenda Neuhaus, who is sharing something she’s grateful for each day in her FB status. I have to say I wholeheartedly concur with her post today in which she is grateful for Facebook which allows us to connect with loved ones, near and far.

And regarding the command, I must say I’m so glad, even grateful 🙂 , that it says “in” everything give thanks — the word is not “for.” I’m to have a grateful heart no matter the circumstance. Today, I’m sad. I’m missing my family, but I can choose to be grateful.

Join me?