Count Your Blessings (Triune BT)

I must confess that each time I think about this title, I get it “wrong.” Instead of thinking of the blessings I’ve received and the things for which I am to be grateful, I keep thinking about our calling instead. Abraham was called to follow God that the nations of the world would be blessed (Gen 18). Themes like this continue throughout the Bible. God’s people are to be conduits of His blessings.

Lord, make me a blessing today.


Happily I was able to keep my portion of the BT in keeping with the theme! 🙂  You may download it here.


Last November was the first time I contributed to this blog train. This comes as somewhat of a surprise to me! Guess next week I’ll have to post a paper pack celebration gift 🙂

May you be a blessing even as you count the blessings you daily receive.


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