Hallowed be Thy Name

‘Hallowed be thy name.’ Just what does that mean? Here’s what the Strong’s concordance says.

I can’t make God’s name holy, nor does it need it. So that leaves me with venerating. Well “venerate” didn’t help me much. The definition of venerate made things a bit more clear for me:

And the definition of revere, even more.

So God’s name is so special that we should think of it differently than we do every other word. Another way to put it is that God’s name should only be used intentionally, like when I am talking with Him, about Him or worshiping Him. In thinking about using God’s name with respect, treating His name with reverence, I was reminded that this isn’t a new idea. Remember the 10 commandments? The third commandment tells us not to misuse His name, not to treat it as less than sacred. And that brings me back to ‘hallowed be thy name.’

Here’s my take-home thought on this. At a minimum, I should not use any form of God’s name (or that of His Son) as an exclamation unless I’m invoking Him.

And that takes me back. I dropped by a friend’s house when I passed through the town where they live. They weren’t there, but someone from their church was there painting. He starts off by telling me that I’m obviously not walking in the Spirit since I came when they weren’t there. And the conversation spiraled down from there. The striking thing was the way this fellow said, “Praise the Lord!” with every comment or phrase. There was little about his demeanor or conversation which gave the slightest hint that he was indeed praising the Lord. I’m not saying he wasn’t. I don’t know that fellow’s heart. Maybe this was a very good day indeed for him. And yet, I was really impacted by this seemingly casual use of God’s name.

God, help me be careful in my speech and in my thoughts about you and your name. Your name is to be holy, sanctified, set apart in my mind and from there in my speech. Help me to always and only bless your holy name.


Vicky writes, ‘Been thinking today about the Holiness of our resurrected Savior and His name!  I love singing praises to Him about his name!  “Blessed Be the Name,” “Take the Name of Jesus With You,” “Glory to His Name,” “Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know,” and many others just to name a few!’ Her digital layout follows. Click the picture for the credits.

We hope you have enjoyed this series on the Lord’s Prayer.  It has been meaningful to us in the making of it. Blessings on you and yours.

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