Thy Will Be Done.

Boy howdy that is one packed sentence! Your will, God, be done …

Is it easier to think about the object of that prayer as something distant, i.e., your will be done … in that election? in the war over there? Or perhaps even closer to home? Your will be done… in that family I know, in the lives of my family members, in the decisions of our church.

God works through and lives in individuals. Seems to me this is more personal still. Your will be done… in me. For me it’s like a pledge of alliegance, a reiteration of my confession of Jesus as Lord (boss), the One who calls the shots.

It seems easy to say it at times like Palm Sunday when Jesus was being Hosanned by the people. But what about Maunday Thursday in the Garden of Gethsemane. What about Friday before Pilate? while being scourged? while be crowned with thorns? while being forced to carry the instrument of your death when physically battered and drained? while dying an unjustified death?


Jesus is our example, our ‘hupogrammos’ — the image one places beneath paper to trace a pattern. So we’re to follow those lines and do as He did. Thy will be done.

“But,” someone will say, “He was God…” So ‘thy will be done’ was something He could do. We’re just people.

If we are His, Jesus lives to live His life through and in and us. His Spirit lives in us so we can also say ‘thy will be done’ in every situation. May it be so, amen.



The first digital scrapbook layout is by MamaB. Papers: Slainte Collab: The DigiChick (Quirky Twerp, Sherwood Studio & Wishing Well Creations); Overlays: Worn Photo Overlays (Something Blue Studios); Brushes: Plastic Wrap Brushes & Watercolor Brushes (Creative Victorian Designs); Some of her own Creations (MamaB); Tomb: Passion (4OSAi); Trees: Nocturn Delight(Ztampf!); and the Font: Nyala.

The second layout is by Vicky Day. She used our most recent kit, Passion by 4OSAi. The cross is from, the song scanned from old hymnal. Fonts: Fiona for journaling, and Forget Me Not for Title and Scripture Verse.

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  1. Only four words, but the implications are enormous! May it always be my prayer & heart’s desire!