Imperfect Prose

Found this group of writers and wanted to respond. The things is I’m not a writer. Still the post inspired, so here we are.

Yesterday I learned a neighbor from my youth died. Her daughter was my sister’s best bud growing up. Theirs was the where the neighborhood gathered each Christmas for a caroling party.

Here’s my ‘card’ to the family.

While ‘Joy’ isn’t mentioned in the following layout, I thought it captured the idea beautifully. Thanks Elysah for permission to share your work.

Elysah made her page with Creativity Keys Too by 4OSAi @ Outside the Box Design Studio. My page is using 4OSAi’s forthcoming kit, Building Dreams.

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Imperfect Prose — 3 Comments

  1. oh yes, friend. the joy in your piece follows quietly behind the sorrow. but it is there, none-the-less. thank you for joining us at Imperfect Prose. you are welcome there any time. 🙂