Happy New Year!

I’ve seen a lot online about the New Year, new beginnings etc. That made me think about the real new, fresh start we can all have with God. Really. 🙂 I think this video does a better job explaining it than I could. It’s short, so please give it a go.

With these thoughts in mind, I want to share a layout I made for our October inductive study on Romans (the application part for a study on chapter 3).

And every time I’ve worked on that layout or seen it since, the chorus from the Ballad of Arliss Richards by Big Tent Revival comes to mind. You’ll find it below. It starts at minute 34. Hope it blesses you as it does me.

Monday Meditations will be back in February. Bless you. Drop us a line or comment if you need prayer or would like to share.

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