Meditation Monday

October is almost gone. But, sadly, breast cancer remains a fact of life.

I waited to do this post until the end of the month because the beginnning of October is flooded with info about breast cancer, but by the end everyone seems to have moved on.

Our friend Teddi, aka foxeysquirrel in the scrapbooking world, is a breast cancer survivor. She writes, “I did my layouts to give someone hope who has breast cancer.”



God, please help those who are suffering from this disease. Heal them, we ask. And, please comfort those left behind those who succumbed to the ravages of this cancer in death. Show me how and where I can help. Thank you that one day there will be no more sorrow, no more tears. Marana tha. 


Layout Credits:
Symphony of Angels: Deviant Scrap Sumerset Splash, Eenas Creations (Symphony Of Angels), Holliewood (Spring Faeries, Lily, Winter Walk), Lorie Davison (Faerily Moonlight). Carol Harden (Precious Angel). The second layout: Teddi created the  background. Elements from January (The Pond), Holliewood (Wish Upon A Star & Ode To A Muse)

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