A Bit of the Back-Story

How’d we get here? That’s the question I’m hoping to answer, at least in part, in this post.


In June 2009 my folks celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My sis and I decided a memory book was the way to go. She was already a practiced paper scrapbooker… I had no clue. I’d call myself “deadly” with paper and scissors :)

I started looking for scrapbooking supplies. I couldn’t find anything in the stores in Bucharest, so I went online. Our mail was unreliable so I realized internet sources weren’t going to help me either.

May 31st… June was literally just around the corner, and I still had exactly nothing to contribute. While searching for paper scrapbooking supplies I kept seeing “digital” this and “digital” that. I had no idea what they were talking about.

In desperation, I clicked some of those links and found a free digital scrapbooking program (www.scrapbookflair.com). They had free stuff to make your scrapbook pages with too (called “papers” and “elements”, but all digital).

I now know that the program was elementary, but maybe that’s what I needed at the time — ’cause I had no clue!!  Long story short, I got hooked. And the folks got some pages from me for their 50th album.

Each digital scrapbooker seems to have their own style. Many of them are identifiable, but not mine. LOL I’ve been told I’m really good at evoking or scrapping emotion. For me, it’s become a lifesaver and, by giving me a vehicle for self-expression, really helped me through some difficult times.

One thing digiscrap (digital scrapbooking) folks often do is participate in “challenges.” Someone will define a set of parameters, and digiscrappers (those who create digital scrapbook pages or layouts) will go to it.

In April 2011, The Digi Dares blog issued this challenge,

“Your dare today is doing a page telling us what you would do if you won not 1 MILLION Dollars but 10 MILLION, I want you to think BIG!!! Would you travel like me or would you save it for the future?? I want to know everything!

“Dare Flair: – you must use the colour green somewhere on your page – a photo is optional, but if you choose to use it, it has to be more than one. – use at least 2 patterned and 2 solid papers. – I want to see some round shapes somewhere on your page – use stitches, frames and buttons. The amount and where you going to place those things is up to you. – journaling is mandatory – finally, the most important : HAVE FUN!!”

Following is my response to that challenge or “digi dare”:

The journaling reads, “I once read that if a problem continues to bother you, then maybe you’re supposed to be part of the solution. So I hope that if I got 10 million, I’d build and endow a home for single elderly without families. It would be a happy, cheerful place at little or no expense as needed. Priority placements would be reserved for retired missionaries. My heart really goes out to single never-wed ladies who look to the future and see growing old all alone.”

This was not the first time I’d thought along these lines, obviously. But it is the first time I expressed it externally. So, for me at least, this was the beginning of the beginning of One Step Away International.

Blessings — and thanks for the visit 🙂


Credits–Font: Pea Susela @ Fonts for Peas. Papers, frame, stitches and heart buttons by Tracy King (Candied Dreams, Just Because and Melted Crayons). Sun and grass from Sunshine Flowers by Sekada Designs. All other elements from Country Garden by Studio Maya.


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